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Vogue USA May 2010 - "Americans In Paris"

The trend towards minimalism and simplicity in fashion, the idea of classic style, has been ringing loud and clear for a while now. It seems like everywhere people are pointing out the perfect plain white shirt, praising the line of a camel trench coat, swooning over crisply cut trousers. A curated “capsule wardrobe” is the dream – owning a few very fine, very simple items that allĀ  fit together.

Annemiek of Mode D'Amour

I have one or two friends who do this very well, which I think is terribly grown up of them. And I’m inspired by the fashiony people online who have the confidence to wear basics and still stand out – like Anniemiek of mode d’amour, pictured above. Unfortunately some days I need to wear a tutu, and others absolutely require studded cowboy boots, or masses of leopard print. I guess I still haven’t graduated from dressing as playing dress-up.

And much as I admire the ideals of a chic, all-purpose wardrobe, reading about these perfect bastions of simplicity doesn’t make me want to pare back. It just makes me want to buy MORE – white silk shirts and tailored pants, but more nonetheless. So if it’s going to be excess anyway, I might as well keep up my diet of variety and resign myself to a collection of mismatched rainbow indulgences, knowing there are a few bright stars out there who play that game at a much higher level and utterly rock it. Thank goodness for Gossip Girl, Gala Darling & Sea of Shoes. I’m not ready to grow up just yet…

Serena & Blair, living large

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