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Vogue USA May 2010 - "Americans In Paris"

The trend towards minimalism and simplicity in fashion, the idea of classic style, has been ringing loud and clear for a while now. It seems like everywhere people are pointing out the perfect plain white shirt, praising the line of a camel trench coat, swooning over crisply cut trousers. A curated “capsule wardrobe” is the dream – owning a few very fine, very simple items that all  fit together.

Annemiek of Mode D'Amour

I have one or two friends who do this very well, which I think is terribly grown up of them. And I’m inspired by the fashiony people online who have the confidence to wear basics and still stand out – like Anniemiek of mode d’amour, pictured above. Unfortunately some days I need to wear a tutu, and others absolutely require studded cowboy boots, or masses of leopard print. I guess I still haven’t graduated from dressing as playing dress-up.

And much as I admire the ideals of a chic, all-purpose wardrobe, reading about these perfect bastions of simplicity doesn’t make me want to pare back. It just makes me want to buy MORE – white silk shirts and tailored pants, but more nonetheless. So if it’s going to be excess anyway, I might as well keep up my diet of variety and resign myself to a collection of mismatched rainbow indulgences, knowing there are a few bright stars out there who play that game at a much higher level and utterly rock it. Thank goodness for Gossip Girl, Gala Darling & Sea of Shoes. I’m not ready to grow up just yet…

Serena & Blair, living large

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P&P Are Good For Me

P&P are a sign of the Internet eating itself. Lorenzo Papce and Vincent Pianina are two very funny clever French boys who poke fun at fashion bloggers, essentially. But they do it very creatively, and with a sense of mischief without being mean.

Their latest project is the cherry on the cake. First see the video here, from well known street photographer Garance Doré – summing up a month of globe trotting with Vogue editors, swanky hotels, gorgeous clothes, charming people, all set to tinkly ‘What A Wonderful World’. It’s very pretty and endearing, and is liable to make non-saintly people slightly green with envy.

Now, P&P’s version:

I was screaming with laughter all through this – completely in awe of the lengths the boys went to, recreating every shot with a sly tease and cheeky smile. Their comic timing is spot on – and their timing in general – it totally matches up! Mostly, they look like they’re having so much fun. It’s a bit of a celebration of not being high-fashion  and a great reminder to keep laughing and not to get caught up in it all.

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Playing Dress Up

I used to sometimes see this little kid walking down the street with his be-suited businessman father, holding hands. The kid was always wearing a head-to-toe tiger suit, and super proud of it. I think when/if I spawn, my children will be dressed as things other than people most of the time. FUN.

Here are some amazing dress-up clothes for grownups, courtesy of the fantastic Agatha Ruiz de la Prada:

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Legs for Africa

Of course, if you’re really stocking mad, Les Queues De Sardines is paradise.

Gratuitous legwear ahead…

One of these days, I can be as ridiculous as a six year old playing fancy dress…

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