Fashion Police

Had the following exchange at Border Patrol coming back into London today…

Fierce Female Official: What kind of visa do you have?
Moi: Tier Five
FFO: What are you doing here?
Moi, slightly intimidated: Working holiday
FFO: Where are you working?
Moi, worrying: <That which shall not be named>
FFO: Where did you get your jeans?
Moi: Uh, Zara?
FFO: I want some. Do they come in green?

I got the stamp.


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When You Pass

It was one of those rare, glorious, workdays today where I am instructed to spend thousands of other people’s pounds on Italian designer formalwear. Of course, in practice this gets me a little jittery. Also, I got lost, which is not ideal when perusing cobblestoned streets in heels while trying to remain coiffed enough to actually be allowed in the store.

In the end, the mission was accomplished. The highlight for me wasn’t so much walking out with the flashy bag (which I could totally fit inside, and I would have a photo taken to prove it if I wasn’t sole charge at the office this week), as when the shop assistant leaned in and said: “I love your bag! So pretty. Is it THE Burberry?”

It was, in fact, THE extremely humble Lippy, but I guess it’s all how you hold it! And that, mon ami, is why I have never had the desire to buy an It bag.


Image: United State by Nick DeMarco

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Dimming Days

Each week, another layer becomes necessary… scarves, then gloves, then hats. Each day, the BBC predicts snow and then quietly rainchecks it for 24 hours later. I’ve spent the weekend in bed, thankful for my orange walls and red wardrobe. Everything feels cosier in here. I’ve already sorted a local cafe (with thick slabs of rich chocolate brownie and good coffee) just around the corner, and there’s a gastro pub offering fine beer and burgers right beneath my house. In short – leaving the house something proper is losing its appeal.

Winter has me wishing for…

Long socks that aren’t just socks, but something a little bit special. Like this complicated, coral, cable-knit pair from Top Shop.

Interesting candles. I love this owl from Zara Home; they also do squirrels and acorns and skulls. I’m a sucker for scent, so at the moment I have spiced fig & honey ones either side of my bed.

Dreams come true…

I’m thankful for the lovely winter treats already in my life.

Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan, a strange and lovely picture book to read in bed.

My red original Hunters wellies. I am not terribly excited about the impending snow, although I’m sure it will be very pretty for a while. But these will get me through it. They are totally puddle-jumping, snow-drift-diving boots. And also worn by Emily Zak of British Vogue, I hope I can incorporate them into my outfits with similar panache!

Warmly yours, S&S x

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Pillow Talk

I really like the design of these pillowcase covers from the new H&M Home collection. But the sentiment is all wrong for something to sit on my bed and potentially  infiltrate through my dreams… I can do enough  pining on my own thanks!

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Case In Point(s)

Oh DEAR (oh DEER), I need this. As I was saying yesterday

Image source: the lovely Julia

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Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice

Image by Brusse, via todayandtomorrow

This interview, with Anja Aronowsky Cronberg of new sartorial magazine Vestoj, is completely inspirational. For starters, Anja is only 31 and has such a string of achievements to her name already – including several years as editor at Acne Paper. But really, I’m all about her amazing breakfast:

My current favourite is the following: Cook one cup of porridge with one and a half cups of milk. Mix in a pinch of salt and plenty of cinnamon. Throw a quarter of a handful of sunflower seeds and just as many pumpkin seeds into a bowl and add linseeds too. Then put half a handful of raisins into the mix. And chop nuts, brazil nuts and hazelnuts and almonds, and toss them into the bowl too. Then mash a banana. Then add the porridge and stir everything together. Then fill it up with a little more milk till you get the right consistency. Et voila, the perfect winter breakfast!

And she says she’s not a cook! Puts my half-sliced-banana and dash of brown sugar to shame.

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P&P Are Good For Me

P&P are a sign of the Internet eating itself. Lorenzo Papce and Vincent Pianina are two very funny clever French boys who poke fun at fashion bloggers, essentially. But they do it very creatively, and with a sense of mischief without being mean.

Their latest project is the cherry on the cake. First see the video here, from well known street photographer Garance Doré – summing up a month of globe trotting with Vogue editors, swanky hotels, gorgeous clothes, charming people, all set to tinkly ‘What A Wonderful World’. It’s very pretty and endearing, and is liable to make non-saintly people slightly green with envy.

Now, P&P’s version:

I was screaming with laughter all through this – completely in awe of the lengths the boys went to, recreating every shot with a sly tease and cheeky smile. Their comic timing is spot on – and their timing in general – it totally matches up! Mostly, they look like they’re having so much fun. It’s a bit of a celebration of not being high-fashion  and a great reminder to keep laughing and not to get caught up in it all.

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