In Honour Of My Orange Room

I am thinking of graduating from leopard to tiger print, as my jungle print of choice.

However, when you do a google image search for ‘tiger print lingerie’, almost everything that comes up is not even close. It’s like, 70% leopard, 20% zebra (not even feline!) and 10% tiger.

Image via: HubPages’ Hope Alexander

I guess it’s not that important, I’m just kind of worried my dreams of a perfectly coordinating room/wardrobe are gonna fall by the wayside.


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All Over The Place

Vogue USA May 2010 - "Americans In Paris"

The trend towards minimalism and simplicity in fashion, the idea of classic style, has been ringing loud and clear for a while now. It seems like everywhere people are pointing out the perfect plain white shirt, praising the line of a camel trench coat, swooning over crisply cut trousers. A curated “capsule wardrobe” is the dream – owning a few very fine, very simple items that all  fit together.

Annemiek of Mode D'Amour

I have one or two friends who do this very well, which I think is terribly grown up of them. And I’m inspired by the fashiony people online who have the confidence to wear basics and still stand out – like Anniemiek of mode d’amour, pictured above. Unfortunately some days I need to wear a tutu, and others absolutely require studded cowboy boots, or masses of leopard print. I guess I still haven’t graduated from dressing as playing dress-up.

And much as I admire the ideals of a chic, all-purpose wardrobe, reading about these perfect bastions of simplicity doesn’t make me want to pare back. It just makes me want to buy MORE – white silk shirts and tailored pants, but more nonetheless. So if it’s going to be excess anyway, I might as well keep up my diet of variety and resign myself to a collection of mismatched rainbow indulgences, knowing there are a few bright stars out there who play that game at a much higher level and utterly rock it. Thank goodness for Gossip Girl, Gala Darling & Sea of Shoes. I’m not ready to grow up just yet…

Serena & Blair, living large

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Bridal Blues

For some unfathomable reason, my flatmate did not want this badass glamorous gown for her easy breezy Mexican beach wedding:

If I were in NY right now, with $325 in my back pocket, I would totally buy this. And I’d wear it out in the afternoon, with smudged makeup and hair in artful dissaray, like a hot mess, wandering into dive bars and ordering hard liquor on the rocks, so everyone would wonder why I was clearly running away from a billionaire on my wedding day.

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Cool Bedwear for Cold Nights

Photo via donttouchmymoleskine

I searched really really hard for some cute, warm winter pajamas. I’m not sure what exactly I was imagining – maybe some kind of silky number that was secretly flanelette on the inside? Something pretending to be a glamorous Russion mink coat? Anyway, I didn’t find it.

Turns out, if you are rich you can afford heating in winter and so sleep in lacy slips year round, while the rest of us have to wear either goosebumps or fuzzy pants. Even if you google ‘cute winter pajamas’ all you get is fug. For now, I’m going with fuzzy pants. I bought two pairs, one has smiling cupcakes on it. The other hs all these little candy hearts with messages: “honey pie” “kiss me” “puppy love” “hug me”. In short, my pajama pants scream desperation and it seems a rather long and sudden fall after these.

Should I just toughen up and stay cool?

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A Great and Fearful Underworld

Kastyn Reid in Vanity Fair Italy, Winter 09

My love for slips of silk and lace is well-documented. Understandably, I also loved this article at The Morning News: Bra Mitzvah, by Joshua David Stein. It’s about buying lingerie – Parisian lingerie – as a gift, and all the underlying currents that make this a little bit nerve inducing.

“Lingerie cuts to the quick of what makes us vulnerable: desire, expectation, vaginas, boobs. Delicately dangling the bra between her thumb and index fingers, she says, “Thank you so much, it’s beautiful!” and thinks, Is this what he thinks is sexy? Is this what he wants me to wear? Is he saying he doesn’t like my cotton briefs? … The gift reveals more than it covers, about you, about her, about what and how you want each other to be. And even as that fraught tango of ideal selves trails off, the gift exchange itself remains.”

It’s also incredibly well written – I’ve read it over and over just for the words, which is rare, for me, who always has 15 tabs open and half-read at once. I especially loved the description of the French shop – the kind I’ve never been to, all hidden away and expensive and crafted and special – and its owner Sabia Rosa:

“The beauty of her youth, though still apparent, is softened—like a bright coin at the bottom of a shallow pool.”

Dally with the article in full here

Kastyn Reid in Vanity Fair Italia Winter 09

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Playing Dress Up

I used to sometimes see this little kid walking down the street with his be-suited businessman father, holding hands. The kid was always wearing a head-to-toe tiger suit, and super proud of it. I think when/if I spawn, my children will be dressed as things other than people most of the time. FUN.

Here are some amazing dress-up clothes for grownups, courtesy of the fantastic Agatha Ruiz de la Prada:

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Legs for Africa

Of course, if you’re really stocking mad, Les Queues De Sardines is paradise.

Gratuitous legwear ahead…

One of these days, I can be as ridiculous as a six year old playing fancy dress…

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Statement Stockings

All through high school, it was scratchy navy opaques – or woollens in winter.  That put me off for a few years after. But now, I’m bit by the stocking bug. It’s a mandatory guilty-pleasure stop at any department store. And of all the mid-range labels, noone does it better than Emilio Cavallini.

This is my all-time favourite pair. It’s not OUTRAGEOUS or anything, but I always feel put together & girlish wearing them.  And by always, I actually mean that one time – they weren’t cheap and I’m terrified of getting a run! But it was for a fancy date, and that’s the only date I’ve ever had where the gentleman commented on my stockings. So. Win!

And I also own these – the front, pink-lilac-white version. I have worn them a grand total of NONCE. Turns out they look great with the shift dress in the picture, but I’ve yet to introduce them to a suitable match in my wardrobe. I think the Art History student in me couldn’t resist the reference. One of these days I’ll break them in…

I don’t own these at all! But I spotted them just after splurging on the two pairs before, and really couldn’t justify it. Aren’t they rad though? Oh dear, maybe I should have snapped them up…

Now that I think about it… the stockings that I wear the most  are – you guessed it – plain dark opaques, not so different from high school. I should come to a sensible conclusion about just buying more of these, at this point. BUT. The Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is out and, well, see the below. There’s kind of no use fighting it.

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Want You So Bad

Ashish for Topshop

I know the whole sleek silhouette & studs, Balmainia, French Vogue rock chic look is well on it’s way out. BUT. Right now all I want is this studded tracksuit by Ashish for Topshop.

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Dreaming Of You

In my ongoing quest to become Blair Waldorf, I’ve become obsessed with nightwear. Gossip Girl’s primmest princess is always lounging about in silk and lace late into the day, and I love comfort-wear that isn’t sloppy.

Elle Macpherson Intimates have always been my first choice for floaty girly things, and I have the Harmony chemise to the left – although I tend to wear with its acccompanying long pants to make it flatmate-friendly.

It’s so nice to occasionally come home from work, slip into my nightie straight away, light some candles, make a pot of herbal tea and take a good book to bed. It feels as lux as a spa ritual – except totally free, and good for your brain too!

But I’ve been absolutely mainlining Gossip Girl recently, in a futile quest to feel back in NYC, and my need for nightwear is becoming a nightmare. (Sorry – that was awful – couldn’t resist).

So I’m delighted Peter Alexander has opened a shop in town! Peter’s sleepwear stores have such a great selection that it turns my head. I bought this “Showgirl” nightgown (don’t you love it when your clothes have names?!) on sale the other day and it came in this super cute patterned box. You can’t really see here, but the lace pattern at the bottom has all this intricate sequinned detailing going on.

Now I’ve caught the bug and feel the need to build a whole wardrobe… below are the two I’m especially longing for.

Peter Alexander Dilemma!

It’s the question faced by every five year old girl – do I want to be a ballerina or a fairy? Help me choose? (Or, justify me buying both?)

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