A Fate Like Totally Worse Than Death

I always mean to watch It’s A Wonderful Life at Christmas, but this was the first year I got a chance. I cried like a sap at the end,  but had to laugh at a moment in the dramatic climax. George is seeing what life would be like if he had never been born – his friends and family have ended up dead, destitute, or in insane asylums, and his hometown has gone to wrack and ruin.  But the one thing that tips him over the edge, which his guardian angel barely dares to tell him, is the fate of his wife, Mary.

What could prompt such horror? Without George in the world, Mary has become…

… an “old maid” who works in the town library! The horror!

Of course, George comes through and Mary is delivered back to her life of domestic, bookless bliss. PHEW.


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