Dimming Days

Each week, another layer becomes necessary… scarves, then gloves, then hats. Each day, the BBC predicts snow and then quietly rainchecks it for 24 hours later. I’ve spent the weekend in bed, thankful for my orange walls and red wardrobe. Everything feels cosier in here. I’ve already sorted a local cafe (with thick slabs of rich chocolate brownie and good coffee) just around the corner, and there’s a gastro pub offering fine beer and burgers right beneath my house. In short – leaving the house something proper is losing its appeal.

Winter has me wishing for…

Long socks that aren’t just socks, but something a little bit special. Like this complicated, coral, cable-knit pair from Top Shop.

Interesting candles. I love this owl from Zara Home; they also do squirrels and acorns and skulls. I’m a sucker for scent, so at the moment I have spiced fig & honey ones either side of my bed.

Dreams come true…

I’m thankful for the lovely winter treats already in my life.

Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan, a strange and lovely picture book to read in bed.

My red original Hunters wellies. I am not terribly excited about the impending snow, although I’m sure it will be very pretty for a while. But these will get me through it. They are totally puddle-jumping, snow-drift-diving boots. And also worn by Emily Zak of British Vogue, I hope I can incorporate them into my outfits with similar panache!

Warmly yours, S&S x


November 29, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , . books, fashion, food.

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