Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice

Image by Brusse, via todayandtomorrow

This interview, with Anja Aronowsky Cronberg of new sartorial magazine Vestoj, is completely inspirational. For starters, Anja is only 31 and has such a string of achievements to her name already – including several years as editor at Acne Paper. But really, I’m all about her amazing breakfast:

My current favourite is the following: Cook one cup of porridge with one and a half cups of milk. Mix in a pinch of salt and plenty of cinnamon. Throw a quarter of a handful of sunflower seeds and just as many pumpkin seeds into a bowl and add linseeds too. Then put half a handful of raisins into the mix. And chop nuts, brazil nuts and hazelnuts and almonds, and toss them into the bowl too. Then mash a banana. Then add the porridge and stir everything together. Then fill it up with a little more milk till you get the right consistency. Et voila, the perfect winter breakfast!

And she says she’s not a cook! Puts my half-sliced-banana and dash of brown sugar to shame.

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P&P Are Good For Me

P&P are a sign of the Internet eating itself. Lorenzo Papce and Vincent Pianina are two very funny clever French boys who poke fun at fashion bloggers, essentially. But they do it very creatively, and with a sense of mischief without being mean.

Their latest project is the cherry on the cake. First see the video here, from well known street photographer Garance Doré – summing up a month of globe trotting with Vogue editors, swanky hotels, gorgeous clothes, charming people, all set to tinkly ‘What A Wonderful World’. It’s very pretty and endearing, and is liable to make non-saintly people slightly green with envy.

Now, P&P’s version:

I was screaming with laughter all through this – completely in awe of the lengths the boys went to, recreating every shot with a sly tease and cheeky smile. Their comic timing is spot on – and their timing in general – it totally matches up! Mostly, they look like they’re having so much fun. It’s a bit of a celebration of not being high-fashion  and a great reminder to keep laughing and not to get caught up in it all.

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Occam’s Razor

I do believe in fairies (clap!).

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According to the madness that has seduced you

Portrait of the Marchesa Casati by Augustus John

Favourite line so far in the latest AnOther, from a reference to Peggy Guggenheim’s museum  in Venice:

“The palazzo had once been home to another rare bird, the Marchesa Casati, who was a tourist attraction in Venice in the 1910s, walking her pet cheetahs on jewel-encrusted leads nightly throughout the city, nude but for a leopard skin.”

Unbearably intriguing.

You can read more at the Casati Archives, some gems:

“Accompanied by her pet boa constrictor, she checked into the Ritz Hotel in Paris where it escaped….”

“Bizarre wax mannequins sat as guests at her dining table, some of them even rumoured to contain the ashes of past lovers…”

“Nude servants gilded in gold leaf attended her…”

Marchesa Luisa Casati with a Greyhound by Giovanni Boldini

Both the paintings I’ve included here are terribly lovely, but maybe not entirely representative.  Casati was a muse and patron of many avant garde artists, a bit of searching reveals some very dramatic and strange portraits and photographs.

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Bridal Blues

For some unfathomable reason, my flatmate did not want this badass glamorous gown for her easy breezy Mexican beach wedding:

If I were in NY right now, with $325 in my back pocket, I would totally buy this. And I’d wear it out in the afternoon, with smudged makeup and hair in artful dissaray, like a hot mess, wandering into dive bars and ordering hard liquor on the rocks, so everyone would wonder why I was clearly running away from a billionaire on my wedding day.

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Mysteries Aren’t For Me

‘Protect Me’ Ring by Zoe & Morgan

I’ve started reading Agatha Christie! I love that I can zip through them quickly, it’s been so long since I read a book that was mostly about plot. However, it’s not all smooth. The first one I took home was The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – which I randomly picked off the library shelf, but it turns out of all her 80 detective novels, that’s ‘the masterpiece’ with the big shock twist. So it was great, but it would have been much better if I’d already read a few mysteries – watching the rules get smashed unexpectedly is much more fun if you know what the rules are.

And then last night I picked up Murder Under The Sun and just could not put it down. Not just because it was good, but because I had that sudden awful knowledge that I would feel massively uneasy until I knew whodunnit. Like, unable to sleep, uneasy. So not fun. So while I’d meant to read a couple of chapters in bed, I had to force myself to push right through the final half of the book. It was a late night. I’m not sure I have the steeliness of spirit for murder mysteries… and this is patent proof that I will never be reading for ghost tales.

Oh, and Agatha Christie herself is so interesting:

“During the Second World War, Christie wrote two novels, Curtain and Sleeping Murder, intended as the last cases of these two great detectives, Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple, respectively. Both books were sealed in a bank vault for over thirty years, and were released for publication by Christie only at the end of her life, when she realized that she could not write any more novels. These publications came on the heels of the success of the film version of Murder on the Orient Express in 1974.” From Wikipedia

Whenever I end up reading accidentally about Prince Charles I get so sad for some reason. (Somehow I ended up at the Wikipedia page for Lord Mountbatten’s mentorship of said Prince.)

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