On a clear day, you can see forever

The ash in the air over there isn’t affecting me at all, although it’s causing a few bumps at the office. It seems unimaginable to think it might last more than a few days, but if it does, I’m interested to see if it has any effect on our collective psyche. It’s a reminder we’re not in control of everything, that nature doesn’t bow to business. Sometimes, we just have to wait.


April 17, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Uncategorized.


  1. ladyjecca replied:

    “Sometimes, we just have to wait” How right you are Darling!

  2. Sergeant Frank Drebin, Detective Lieutenant Police Squad replied:

    though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays

  3. swingsandskateboards replied:

    @ladyjecca – Thanks… no doubt I would be far less philosophical if I had a ticket to, say, Switzerland booked this week!!

  4. swingsandskateboards replied:

    @ Sarjeant – I love your learned references. Keeps me honest.

  5. Jake VanDorn replied:

    you did what to the who now

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