A Great and Fearful Underworld

Kastyn Reid in Vanity Fair Italy, Winter 09

My love for slips of silk and lace is well-documented. Understandably, I also loved this article at The Morning News: Bra Mitzvah, by Joshua David Stein. It’s about buying lingerie – Parisian lingerie – as a gift, and all the underlying currents that make this a little bit nerve inducing.

“Lingerie cuts to the quick of what makes us vulnerable: desire, expectation, vaginas, boobs. Delicately dangling the bra between her thumb and index fingers, she says, “Thank you so much, it’s beautiful!” and thinks, Is this what he thinks is sexy? Is this what he wants me to wear? Is he saying he doesn’t like my cotton briefs? … The gift reveals more than it covers, about you, about her, about what and how you want each other to be. And even as that fraught tango of ideal selves trails off, the gift exchange itself remains.”

It’s also incredibly well written – I’ve read it over and over just for the words, which is rare, for me, who always has 15 tabs open and half-read at once. I especially loved the description of the French shop – the kind I’ve never been to, all hidden away and expensive and crafted and special – and its owner Sabia Rosa:

“The beauty of her youth, though still apparent, is softened—like a bright coin at the bottom of a shallow pool.”

Dally with the article in full here

Kastyn Reid in Vanity Fair Italia Winter 09


April 12, 2010. Tags: , , , , . clothes, writing.

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