My Other Life (A Day To Myself)

I’m reading The Trouble With Paris at the moment, courtesy of younger brother’s insistent recommendation. It’s about hyper-reality, the idea we create major dissatisfaction by buying into the promise that life should be like it is in pop culture – constant consumption, social climbing, an exciting/glamorous/fulfilling job. It’s good so far – lots of little slap-in-the-faces that I need. Chores & mundanities, work being hard – that’s life, and, as the author says, “If you were born in the west, you won the cosmic lottery”.

HOWEVER, I did allow myself a hyper-real afternoon, and let my Zooey-Deschanel-esque alter-ego come out to play.

This involved wearing lots of apricot-coloured tulle and polka dots, layered tights and fanciful shoes, and a sequinned bow in my hair…

Alannah Hill strikes again!

A trip to watch a film at the World Cinema Showcase by myself (going solo means it’s way easier to find a good seat, BTW)…

Finally using an awesome Christmas present voucher at Kaffe Eis to buy a tub of chocolate gelato (inSANEly good)…

Chocolate Gelato from Kaffe Eis

Splurging on some mega overpriced hot cross buns, because they were so soft and spicy looking that I couldn’t not…

It wasn’t totally fantasy-land – I left my movie ticket at home and had to backtrack to get it, those shoes make my feet hurt, the gelato was so generously packed in that it kind of leaked gloriously all over the place, and I’m hardly going to blog about the five or so times I washed the dishes today. But all in all – everything was delicious and nothing hurt.


April 5, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . books, food, movies.


  1. jim gordon replied:

    try jean baudrillard, ‘simulacra and simulation’, ‘xerox and infinity’ if hyperreality interests you

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    I have heard of him, but ‘French’ + ‘theorist’ = intellectual intimidation for me. Am I just being lazy? Or does he write in very thick academic style?

  3. S replied:

    Gah! Love this post and totally want to see that movie! How was it? Uberly cute outfit too btw…

  4. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Movie was interesting but not really super enlightening – it sought of talked as if it was exposing the modelling industry but it was essentially what I expected: long hours, criticism about weight, horny photographers, unpredictable money. Sarah Ziff very endearing – sympathised with her being tired but couldn’t feel sorry for her, she ends up being a squillionaire at 22, with an amazing airy NY apartment and then gets a place at Columbia U!

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