Sometimes just the right song comes on

Not doing none of this!

The lyrics below are my life since Sunday. Sort of mildly confused and frustrated and not really that bothered, but with the nagging need to know WHY.

Hey boy
Why you didn’t call me?
I waited for days
I can’t believe you didn’t call.

A. You’re gay
B. You’ve got a girlfriend
C. You kinda thought I came on too strong or
D. I just wasn’t your thing
no ring

When we sat outside for an hour at the party and talked
I thought something good could be starting
It’s not a lot that I want
just some talking
and really, you just injured my pride

‘Hey Boy’ – The Blow

It’s just – I had the pinkest, girliest night imaginable on Saturday, so was kind of looking forward to some snarky boy conversation. Le sigh. I am super thankful for all the friends that said ‘leave it!’ and ‘NEXT!’ and even ‘not being yoked to a situation has e-nor-mous benefits‘.

Would life be better if I had a vintage landline and pretty curtains?


March 30, 2010. Tags: , , , . boys.

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