Statement Stockings

All through high school, it was scratchy navy opaques – or woollens in winter.  That put me off for a few years after. But now, I’m bit by the stocking bug. It’s a mandatory guilty-pleasure stop at any department store. And of all the mid-range labels, noone does it better than Emilio Cavallini.

This is my all-time favourite pair. It’s not OUTRAGEOUS or anything, but I always feel put together & girlish wearing them.  And by always, I actually mean that one time – they weren’t cheap and I’m terrified of getting a run! But it was for a fancy date, and that’s the only date I’ve ever had where the gentleman commented on my stockings. So. Win!

And I also own these – the front, pink-lilac-white version. I have worn them a grand total of NONCE. Turns out they look great with the shift dress in the picture, but I’ve yet to introduce them to a suitable match in my wardrobe. I think the Art History student in me couldn’t resist the reference. One of these days I’ll break them in…

I don’t own these at all! But I spotted them just after splurging on the two pairs before, and really couldn’t justify it. Aren’t they rad though? Oh dear, maybe I should have snapped them up…

Now that I think about it… the stockings that I wear the most  are – you guessed it – plain dark opaques, not so different from high school. I should come to a sensible conclusion about just buying more of these, at this point. BUT. The Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is out and, well, see the below. There’s kind of no use fighting it.


February 18, 2010. Tags: , , . clothes.

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