Fireworks & Frou-Frou

I can’t help but think that if I were a dude, I would be asking a girl out tonight. But NOT for Valentines Day. I’d be all “Noone should be alone on Chinese New Year” and arrange to meet up on a hill overlooking the waterfront to watch the fireworks. It would be super smooth. (Girl me would totally fall for it!) I’d totally get some action, but none of the V-day awkward commitment/expectation baggage. (Wow, I would maybe be a douche!)

Seeing as how I’m all female, though, I instead splurged on a beautiful box of dainty pretty things (below) from Elle Macpherson Intimates at Bendon. At only $50, they’re a total steal (and apparently selling out fast), and would be perfect for a hen’s night present. This almost made up for the fact that Bendon are now stocking Stella McCartney’s lingerie line, which I have loved from afar for years, and I am light years away from affording it.

Happy V-Day to me!

And Elle Macpherson’s new line, Obsidian, is so gorgeous that it makes me want to find a work-from-home job, so I can siphon all money formerly spent on proper clothes into buying up the whole set. Swoon!


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    I’m on a horse.

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