Dreaming Of You

In my ongoing quest to become Blair Waldorf, I’ve become obsessed with nightwear. Gossip Girl’s primmest princess is always lounging about in silk and lace late into the day, and I love comfort-wear that isn’t sloppy.

Elle Macpherson Intimates have always been my first choice for floaty girly things, and I have the Harmony chemise to the left – although I tend to wear with its acccompanying long pants to make it flatmate-friendly.

It’s so nice to occasionally come home from work, slip into my nightie straight away, light some candles, make a pot of herbal tea and take a good book to bed. It feels as lux as a spa ritual – except totally free, and good for your brain too!

But I’ve been absolutely mainlining Gossip Girl recently, in a futile quest to feel back in NYC, and my need for nightwear is becoming a nightmare. (Sorry – that was awful – couldn’t resist).

So I’m delighted Peter Alexander has opened a shop in town! Peter’s sleepwear stores have such a great selection that it turns my head. I bought this “Showgirl” nightgown (don’t you love it when your clothes have names?!) on sale the other day and it came in this super cute patterned box. You can’t really see here, but the lace pattern at the bottom has all this intricate sequinned detailing going on.

Now I’ve caught the bug and feel the need to build a whole wardrobe… below are the two I’m especially longing for.

Peter Alexander Dilemma!

It’s the question faced by every five year old girl – do I want to be a ballerina or a fairy? Help me choose? (Or, justify me buying both?)


January 31, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . clothes.


  1. ladyjecca replied:

    Buy Both! I’ve tried on the black one and it’s Faaaaabulous! You are such a doll xx

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Yay, 100% agreement. I’ll have to run down tomorrow… I hope they still have my size!!

  3. S replied:

    WHAT? He’s finally opened a store in town????!!!! Oh well.. I gots H&M…

  4. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Yes, he has – and it’s super pink and cute with lots of lace and tulle and ruffles. BUT I think you still win.

  5. Cool Bedwear for Cold Nights « Swings & Skateboards replied:

    […] Turns out, if you are rich you can afford heating in winter and so sleep in lacy slips year round, while the rest of us have to wear either goosebumps or fuzzy pants. Even if you google ‘cute winter pajamas’ all you get is fug. For now, I’m going with fuzzy pants. I bought two pairs, one has smiling cupcakes on it. THe other hs all these little candy hearts with messages: “honey pie” “kiss me” “puppy love” “hug me”. In short, my pajama pants scream desperation and it seems a rather long and sudden fall after these. […]

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