Clanking of Crystal

So let’s see…

– Getting up at 6:30am?

– Voluntary dentist checkup?

– Snacking on unsweetened yoghurt & fresh fruit?

– Sipping on water with a splash of organic apple cider vinegar* thrice daily?

– Completely abstaining from coffee?

– A 3 week blogging hiatus?

It must be a fresh new January! So I’m doing my best to be wholesome and not stain it.

Seriously you guys.  This year will be different.

*apparently it gives you energy/ increases immunity / increases metabolism / helps you lose weight. If just one of those is true it will be worth it!

PS interesting news about Sharon Wauchob taking up the reins at Edun. I guess her and Bono are both… Irish? Anyway, look forward to seeing the results.

PPS Italics are the new caps-lock. Pass it on.


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  1. Roger Murtaugh replied:

    I had to look up the significance of ‘lumos’. What a nerd.

  2. ladyjecca replied:

    YOU BLOGGED! Oh how I missed it!
    Fab Fab, you are doing very well.

    And I believe CAPS are still the best, but I prefer any emphasis to look like obnoxious SHOUTING.


  3. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Half the Latin I know, I learnt from Harry Potter.

  4. Martin Riggs replied:

    What’s latin. Who’s Harry Potter.

  5. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Thanks darl & sorry for late reply… for reasons unknown WP thought your comment was spam so it has been languishing!

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