Fire Sale!

I don’t smoke, but I do light candles, so I buy matches pretty infrequently.  (If I smoked though, I would totally light my ‘rettes with matches, because HOT! Also, I would use the term ‘rettes. Conclusion: I would be a somewhat affected smoker.)

Every time, I freak out at how cheap a box of matches is. TWENTY CENTS! Fire is one of the most revolutionary human discoveries, but we can buy multiple easy-to-make portable fire opportunities for twenty cents. Insane.

Actually, that was all I planned on writing about today but then I took an accompanying photo (hey, I’m not allowed to talk about boys anymore, might as well cover the banal stuff real well), and noticed something interesting…


gratuitous Jo Malone product placement

On the right, you have my old matches, proudly proclaiming their contents: 50 safety matches. On the right – whispering down in the corner of the pack – 45. [On the top – gratuitous Jo Malone]. And there goes my last haven of ‘the good old days’. I feel like BJ Novak providing the revelation of the shrinking creme eggs!

Still! Less than a half-cent each!  AMAZING!


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  1. Fred C. Dobbs replied:

    I’ve never bought a box of matches for 20 cents. 50 at a dairy, 60 at a service station. That’s the rules.

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Dude, supermarket all the way, you’re getting ripped off. But still! Even at double the price they’re cheap!

  3. Fred C. Dobbs replied:

    And I always seem to have that amount of change at any given moment. You’ve convinced me on this. Matches are a blessing in an over-priced world.

  4. swingsandskateboards replied:

    ’tis Thanksgiving, afterall!

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