Picture by Dina Goldstein

Picture by Dina Goldstein

I can think of six guys off the top of my head who took me out on a date this year and then POOF.  (Disappeared).

It’s totally fine. I’m not bothered, and they didn’t do anything wrong (maybe I did? but anyway, it’s not bugging me).  It wasn’t the end of a beautiful anything.

So why do I have this sudden urge to send out a group text to all of them at once?  “What happened?” or “Pourquoi?” or “Was it something I said?”  I think it’s a mostly anthropological desire. The sample size is getting big enough that I might get some meaningful data out of it, enough to graph my missteps.

<Awkward segue into data related comic>


October 26, 2009. Tags: , , , . boys.

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