Feels like a midget is hanging from my necklace!

(aka: The Kids Are Not Alright, Pt II)

This article in the Sunday News, about kiddy gang culture, was a little bit hilarious.  A lot awful too, of course – and raises a pretty important issue. But.

“Police say the gang uses its music to tune children and teenagers into their gangsta lifestyle.”

1. Gangsta? Is that really necessary?  Unless the journo is part of a Newz gang who deliver their stories in rap, I kinda doubt they can pull off this sentence when read aloud.

Sunday News discovered a Bebo profile set up by a six-year-old who poses in the distinctive gang clothing, with a heavy gold watch on his wrist. Defiantly making the Killer Beez’s trademark middle finger signal, he boasts about his gangland connections in the “hood Otara” in south Auckland. And he lists his interests as fast cars, motorbikes and tough dogs.”

2. I find it really weird how all newspapers here quote Bebo nowadays, when they’re doing stories on kids.  Not just for broad issues like this, but when kids get murdered or killed in car accidents, it’s never long before the press is printing the kid’s profile info, or how the tributes are flooding in from schoolmates on cyberspace.  Yes, the Internet is a public space.  But 6 year olds are unlikely to really get what that means.  Kinda funny that a young boy liking motorcycles and fast cars has an ominous undertone here (although the dog this is validly disturbing).

A Bebo user posts his support. He writes: “Love tha way you rockin dat Coloyrways (sic) hoodie, you lookin crim dela crim hoomie ultra solid. Hurrs a heart lil gangstah.”

3.  I fricking love the placement of that one, lonely ‘sic’.

UNRELATEDLY, I still love you Patrick Wolf.

London Calling


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  1. Gina replied:

    He is always interrelated. Somehow…

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    The most beautiful pout in the world, no?

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