Happily Ever After is so Once Upon A Time

Snowy - Dina Goldstein

For some reason, I am really happy about being single right now.  Spring is in the air and birds are tweeting at each other, the wind keeps changing.  I’ve got a spring in my step and I’m facebookin’ boys, letting myself get distracted.  Listening to Jay-Z and painting my nails blackblackred and buying up floral dresses because you can take turns at being whoever you want, and noone’s keeping track.

Picture by Dina Goldstein


August 31, 2009. Tags: , , . art, boys.


  1. Keegan replied:

    nn…nnnnnnnyyyyyyeeeaaaaAAAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!! -cough-

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Dude, ya lost me. I don’t even know what emotion/thought that was supposed to convey. There was half a ‘yeah’ and half an ‘argh’ so I don’t even know if it was pro or con.

  3. Gina replied:

    I keep track…

    I’m watching you…

    etc, etc, etc…

  4. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Eep! Freaky. Well as long as you don’t CALL me on it.

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