Key Aura, It’s Over, Let’s Start Something New

Before it get’s too ridiculous, in a get-over-it-already kind of way, here are my last two NYC posts for A Cat On The Wall:

Who Isn’t Afraid of Patrick Wolf – in which I get all gushy over the British bombshell and bitch out the band who opened for him.  I actually feel kinda bad about how scatterbrained that post is because Patrick deserves far more attention and kudos than I could muster at 1am when I wrote it.  Check out The Magic Position & Wolf Song vids at the bottom of this entry if you wanna see for yourself.

Five Things I’ll Miss From Friday – Just a meandering through a few of the things I’m pining for.  If I wanted to wallow in self-pity I’d now add: warm poppyseed bagels with thickly spread cream cheese, the eternal promise of celebrities just around the corner, boys who are not blokes, getting drunk on the proximity of multiple Picassos, buskers on the subway (ok they were annoying at the time), cocktails on rooftops, and summer summer summer. But!  People understand what I am saying on the phone here and that makes up for a lot.


August 7, 2009. Tags: , , , . boys, food, music.

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