A plague on both your houses

I saw West Side Story on Broadway last night.  Time Square has recently been closed off to traffic, so you have to battle through crowds instead of taking a chance darting out in front of a bus.  There were hoards of people blowing bubbles – I let myself think “ahhh.. tourists” with a gentle eyeroll (because I am soooo native now you guys, ha), but it turns out it was some big Dr Seuss inspired Bubble Battle party, which in hindsight would have been really fun to get into.

pic by sirwj, flickr

pic by sirwj, flickr

Anyway, I am clearly getting ancient.  Because like all Broadway shows, I loved the performance of WSS – the seamless set changes, the high kicks and flouncy skirts, the singing boys with their dancer’s arms.  But.  But the story? I mean, love’s great and all, but I don’t see it overriding little things like the guy stabbing your brother to death just hours before.  Come on kids! You’ve known each other for a day!   And then Maria has the audacity to try and justify it to Anita, grieving girlfriend of said dead brother:

You were in love – or so you said.
You should know better . . .
I have a love, and it’s all that I have.

Yeah I wouldn’t have a bar of that, but Anita is convinced.

I’m totally turning into a cynic!  Romeo and Juliet should totally have gotten over it and found partners who were more suitable too.

You crazy kids!

You crazy kids!


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