To the Nth degree

Coming across this figurine in a toy store today, I was mindboggled that it even existed (but not that it was in the clearance bin).

Bizarro, and his cube shaped home planet, Htrae

Bizarro, and his cube shaped home planet, Htrae

What what what now?  Who wants an ugly Superman?  And why does his costume have a back to front S on it instead of, like, a B ?  The back of the box cleared things up a little:

Bizarro CaptionIn primary school, my group of girl friends had a ritual called “Monday Mix Up Morning”, where anything you said on – you guessed it – Monday morning meant the opposite.  It was mostly used as an excuse to take offence at whatever a person said, e.g. “I like your scrunch socks!” –  if you were feeling bitchy you could enforce the rule of the day and stop speaking to the complimentor.  In short, I get the general Bizarro concept.

But until now I had no idea this was a longstanding part of DC Comics canon!  The Wikipedia entry is long and INSANE.  Bizarro’s been around since 1958… and there are all these alternative universe versions of Bizarro hanging around also, like Zibarro, who looks exactly like Superman but has no powers, and is the only person on Bizarro world with the mental ability of a normal human being.

My respect for comic fans and their ability to keep all these stories straight just ratcheted up ten billion degrees.


June 8, 2009. Tags: , , . life is strange.


  1. Keegan replied:

    You know I could really use a present.

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Haha, you like? More than a hot water bottle?

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