Magical Realism

I had an average day at work today, and then I spent too long agonising over what to get for dinner.  Ended up going to a restaurant that didn’t serve burgers, when they are all I ever want to eat these days.  So I came home all unsatisfied, and opened the cupboard to look for a dustpan.  Look what I found!



I know!  But that’s not all…

Boo Ya

Boo Ya

There’s more interesting looking stuff towards the back that I am saving for a similarly dull-tinged day. I couldn’t resist one more bag…

Move over Scrooge McDuck

Move over Scrooge McDuck

And it was honestly filled with money!  Truly, this is the city of dreams…


June 8, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Keegan replied:

    Ok. So. You took a photo of yourself wearing rollerblades. Which you found in a cupboard. And captioned this photo ‘Bladerunner’

    I mean it when I say you’re one of the top 5 most bizarre people I know of.

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Oh, that’s not me. That’s Bizarro!Laura. She’s going to go wear those on a hike.

    Seriously, though, if I’m in your top 5, I’m kind of flattered but also think you need to go out more.

  3. BostonCommon replied:

    Oh ching-ching!! Look at all your goodies! Hope you’ve put them to good use. Now you can rollerblade to work, whilst punching all the boys who say “No” to you, then go grab a drink with your free coinage from 100000000 dunkin donuts to choose from!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. swingsandskateboards replied:

    “all the boys who say “No” to you”

    Who are all these boys saying ‘no’ to me?? It’s not like there are hoards! Haha, way to highlight all the rejection. Kidding 😉

  5. BostonCommon replied:

    Hahaha no no no. You know that’s not what I meant!!

    Well in fact, I KNOW they don’t say “No” to you! Haha.

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