Mind Your Manners

Central Park

Central Park

This list, of how to behave oneself after you hit 25, is a good reminder to me to temper those occasional (I hope) flares of obnoxiousness.  I sort of quiver at the thought of rules for living, and general preachiness, but I want to be the kind of person this is all second nature to.

In particular:

1. Remember to write thank-you notes. (handwritten any notes!)  Swoon.   Embarrassingly, last time I wrote a thank you note, I had to pull it back out of the envelope and throw it away because I realised at the cruicial stamp-fixing moment that it was 5% thank you and 95% pointless rambling about my life.  It was basically a lessson in: you don’t need to fill the page to get your money’s worth from the paper!

7. Know how to calculate the tip. I so don’t “get” the tipping thing, but being generous is one of those spilly-over characteristics that I need to start small on, after being way too frugal as a student.  Plus wait/bar staff here are so chatty, it’s kind of a cheap way to buy friends.

12. Know how. Helplessness is no excuse.  I like being capable, so this is no prob-Oh feck.  Driving.  I know, universe, I know.  I think I could do it in an emergency?

19. Take care of yourself. Venting is fine; inertia coupled with pouting is not. Note to self, etc, etc.

You can never have too many resolutions!


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  1. keegan replied:

    “we put the ‘you’ in self impr-yooouuu-vement”

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Hahaha, dork.

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