Mind Your Manners

Central Park

Central Park

This list, of how to behave oneself after you hit 25, is a good reminder to me to temper those occasional (I hope) flares of obnoxiousness.  I sort of quiver at the thought of rules for living, and general preachiness, but I want to be the kind of person this is all second nature to.

In particular:

1. Remember to write thank-you notes. (handwritten any notes!)  Swoon.   Embarrassingly, last time I wrote a thank you note, I had to pull it back out of the envelope and throw it away because I realised at the cruicial stamp-fixing moment that it was 5% thank you and 95% pointless rambling about my life.  It was basically a lessson in: you don’t need to fill the page to get your money’s worth from the paper!

7. Know how to calculate the tip. I so don’t “get” the tipping thing, but being generous is one of those spilly-over characteristics that I need to start small on, after being way too frugal as a student.  Plus wait/bar staff here are so chatty, it’s kind of a cheap way to buy friends.

12. Know how. Helplessness is no excuse.  I like being capable, so this is no prob-Oh feck.  Driving.  I know, universe, I know.  I think I could do it in an emergency?

19. Take care of yourself. Venting is fine; inertia coupled with pouting is not. Note to self, etc, etc.

You can never have too many resolutions!

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And… We’re Back

I went to Toys-R-Us in Times Square today.   Like everything else in that part of the city, it was a total sensory overload and I had to leave after five minutes before I went into a coma.

Just in case you forget you're in NY

Just in case you forget you're in NY - Lego versions of the Stat of Lib & Empire State Building

It did remind me of the awesomeness of Lego though.  When I was a kid, my brothers used to have epic Lego battles between their teams of cowboys and astronauts.  I played with them of course… running a bipartisan hospital where their troups could recover once injured.  Stereotypical gender roles, yay!?

In a slightly different context, Jan Vormann’s Dispatchment project uses Lego to fill holes in walls, recently in Berlin – where most of the plugging was into gaps made from bullets in WWII.

Jan Vormann Dispatchment Berlin

via todayand tomorrow

It’s a versatile brick.

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Let’s do some living

I love this video of The Rolling Stones back in 1969, sitting around together listening to Wild Horses, soon after it was first recorded. They’re so boyish about it, not sure if it’s cool to show how great they think their own song is.  Lips twitching as they try not to smile, eyes shifting, nodding along half-ironically, feet (feet in crocodile boots!) tapping.

From the documentary, Gimme Shelter.

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Like Our Endless Numbered Days

I suppose that in a few years Google Maps will have morphed into Google Gaia, and be tracking every atom in the atmosphere.  Everyone and everything connected constantly, whether you like it or not.  As soon as you upload an image, it’ll be automatically tagged with the exact location and moment.

we never looked up

So, while I can, I just want to slip this photo in and say ‘this place meant something once’ without giving too much away.

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The best endeavour waiting in the lion’s mane


Look up. This is the season of shooting stars. Light, two thousand years old, still dazzling. Let me see your face. Your face lit up by twenty centuries. Who told me you had stars in your eyes? Let me see your heavenly body. Star-proof I am not.

Jeanette Winterson, Art & Lies
Photo by Olivia Bee

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