How we rock each other’s wo-oh-orld

Skateboarding, for me, is pretty much the same as walking: whenever you start to feel like you’re looking good, you hit a crack in the pavement and fall over.  I can skate down the block pretty easy now, but noone will ever believe me because as soon as a car or person comes anywhere near I lose all coordination and end up banging into fences.  Even in the dark, it’s awkward.

My favourite place at the moment is in front of the stadium.  There’s never anyone around at night, it’s lit up enough that you can see the cracks before you hit them but not so much that you’re spotlit for the motorway below, and there’s miles and miles of flat concrete.  I think the only reason it’s not overrun with other skaters is that it’s pretty boring if you’re any better than me – great for going back and forth, but no ramps or things to jump off.  Anyone else tame enough to want to skate there is probably not able to go at 9pm, because they are 7 years old.

This is the only image I can find of Avril riding a skateboard! I hate to say this, but... maybe she can't?!?

This is the only image I can find of Avril riding a skateboard! I hate to say this, but... maybe she can't?!?

Anyway in my head when I’m tracking back and forth up there to Fall Out Boy, I like to think of some wise old security guard up there in the stadium tower, who used to be a star boarder back in the 1970s and watches me thinking “That kid’s got spunk”, and one day will wander down and teach me tricks.  Like a sensei!  Or else a cute young security guard who is ALSO CURRENTLY a star boarder (but with an injury, hence the temporary guard job), and will come down and teach me tricks.  Maybe both.  Actually, whenever I’ve seen a security guard other places, carparks or whatever, I always end up skooting away in case I’m accidentally skating somewhere illegal and might end up with a very embarrassing arrest to explain to my workmates.  Moral: This dream is unlikely to come true.

On the bright side, I just found these guys’ blog – two thirty-year-olds who decided to start skating a coupla years ago and document it.  They did embarrassing things at the start too!  And now they can ollie.


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  1. Zaeriuraschi 11098 replied:

    Avril Lavigne is my favorite singer! I wish I could skateboard, but I am a TERRIBLE athlete.
    Also, Fall Out Boy is my favorite band. I’m listening to one of their songs right now! :mrgreen:

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Oh if you needed to be athletic to skateboard I wouldn’t be attempting it either! All you need is a tiny amount of balance, some time, and somewhere relatively private to practise being bad. Presumably the ‘getting good’ part willl happen soon…

    Avril has made some of the catchiest pop songs of the last decade. Love her!

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