7-6-5-4-3-2-1, Stole the Microphone, Gotcha Hot Like The Sun

I sort of feel like, after peaking so spectacularly in the late 90s, we’ve really been missing out on some decent boy bands.  Great videos  – remember N’Synch’s “Bye, Bye, Bye”, with them all running about on the train, trying to get away from the giant puppet master girl?  And great lyrics – “If you want it to  be good girl, get yourself a bad boy”.  Genius.

But what happened?  Everyone kind of got too cool for the whole concept, and I mostly blame Justin.  Check this out though:

Super Junior are a 13 strong pop group from Korea.  Thirteen! And this song is insanely good.  I want to hear it blasting in clubs and out of cars on sunny afternoons by the waterfront.

From my admittedly slim following of the Asian music scene, I hear there’s a bit of a boyband boom there right now.  It’s good to see there are some parts of the world that still appreciate irresistable hooks, smooth moves and soulful gazes.


March 29, 2009. music.

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