Footwear for Femmes without Feelings

I really need some watertight winter shoes I can walk around town in without getting tired, and I’m currently tossing up between docs or similar, or some kitschy new rave kicks.  While I was looking on Sunday, I accidentally fell in love withe these somewhat less practical boots:Chaos & Harmony - Rumor

They’re even more killer in person.  After trying them on I managed to drag myself away from the store, but ended up thinking about them all night, so I had to race back and order them the next day.

The amazing thing is the brand, Chaos & Harmony, is a new New Zealand label based in Mount Maunganui of all places!  I coveted quite a few items from their Winter 09 collection (I think their first?), almost every shoe in it has a strappy/buckly/snakeskinny edge to it which doesn’t feel very beach babe at all.  Maybe not such a huge surprise since one of the two designers studied at the Institute of European Design, in Rome.  Anyway, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the label… and am holding my breath til my pair arrives in stock!


March 24, 2009. Tags: , , . clothes, purchases.

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