Things that we’re afraid of, are gonna show us what we’re made of

Things I really hope my mother didn’t see when she was clearing out my desk drawers on Saturday:

1.  Piece of paper (circa 2006) entitled “Things I don’t want my mother to know…” followed by a list of said items

Jim feels my pain

Jim feels my pain

I am so not even kidding you guys.  I have this really bad habit of writing diary entries on scraps of paper, instead of in books you can close, and then shoving them in drawers and forgetting about them.  Epic fail, self.

The stupidest thing is that 2/3 items on the list weren’t even true, it was a semi-fictional writing exercise.  But I can’t bring that up without mentioning it, which would be meg awkward, and I think maybe we’ll all just pretend it never happened.  Hopefully it never DID happen.  Mum doesn’t read so well without her glasses, and it was in purple pen.  Fingers crosssssed.


March 16, 2009. Tags: , . life is strange.

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