Cha-cha-choke on this!

Candy Lane has her own special level of unrepentantly draggy awesomeness.  I have a lot of respect for that. And also the fact that she’s performed for the British Royal family.  And also how she was totally the first person to call Shane & Nerrida out on getting it on, ON LIVE TV, while they were each still with other people, in a way that made it all seem terribly tawdry.  (From the look on his face, even Jason Gunn thought that she’d gone Too Far.  I suspect for Candy Lane, Too Far is never quite far enough.)

Anyway, so I totally bought these pants:


Except I got them in a short-shorts version, by which I mean, “If you think THESE are trashtastic…”  They’re actually really great!  The material is super comfortable, and the gold blingy bits on the end of the cord are quality fake gold, not all plasticky.  They’re my running shorts, officially, and I kind of thought I was buying them ironically, but reviewing the paragraphs above, I think maybe C.Lane has won me over for reals.

So when I turned up to my self-defence class wearing them last Saturday, and my tutor (who only semi-jokingly said his past students referred to him as Sir Sensei, but we don’t HAVE to, like, no crap Yoda) looked at me and said “Well that’s one way to call attention to your rear end,” well.  All I can say, is he better be looking out when I graduate and actually know how to punch.


February 24, 2009. Tags: , , , . clothes, purchases.

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