It’s Bigger In Real Life

the-botanic-garden-series-bolton-street-cemeteryBolton Street Cemetary, Botanic Gardens Series – Julian Knap

I am so in love with this painting, which I totally  stumbled upon at Exhibitions Gallery one lazy Sunday morning.  When I was fourteen and first visited Wellington, my parents took me here to hunt out old family plots and it was the first old crumbly graveyard I’d ever been to.  It made me want to live here.

This painting pulls all the distinctive nooks of the cemetary into the same landscape, and it still hangs together like that’s how they really go.  It’s got the swoopy bridge I’d like to skate down (you’re not allowed), and the bronze pillary Freemason grave that always freaks me out for no known reason, and my great-great-great uncle’s celtic cross.  There’s my favourite pun in town,  the “exit” sign on the road that actually points to the graveyard.  There’s an indie girl with dark hair and black skinny jeans and a scarf just starting across the canvas on the left, and she look s like it’s her place too.


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  1. Julian Knap replied:

    Thank you!
    Did you happen to spot Eby, the graveyard cat?

  2. swingsandskateboards replied:

    Wow, thanks for commenting! I’m a little bit aflutter & I hope you don’t mind your beautiful painting being sandwiched between my usual lowbrow posts on, like, Twilight and gelatin-based foods!

    I’ve visited the painting a couple of times now, and yes, definitely found Eby. Thanks!

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