This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship


One of my non-official New Year’s resolutions is to talk to more strangers.  This article suggests connecting with at least one random a day, so lately I’ve been listening to my iPod a little less when walking around and trying to make eye contact.

Walking down the street today, I saw a grungy black-singleted boy approaching. Deciding this was my Hi of the Day, I steeled my resolve to be friendly in a non-obtrusive, totally spontaneous, utterly natural way. Just as we got close, I could see him looking at this sparrow, hopping along, trying to fly off with a bulky load.

We both kind of peered at it, and simultaneously realised the bird was eating a fat grey mouse, with its beak wrapped around its face. GAH! Stricken, I locked eyes with Bogan-Boy and exclaimed: “SICK!” He agreed.

Now that’s what I call sharing a moment.


January 19, 2009. Tags: , , . boys, life is strange.

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