Insert first base joke here?

It is not terribly hard to make vampires attractive.  (Even if novels dictate they are sort of white-grey and then SPARKLY, good grief).

But I am mightily, mightily impressed that Twilight managed to make BASEBALL sexy.


Unfortunately there is slim evidence for this unless you see the movie as I have googled “twilight +baseball” for the past half hour and found nother to top the above.  But trust me.

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Softly, Softly

She is shoelessly walking the street, and the threads in her stockings are snapping erratically. She’s curling a key in her hand, and it feels softer than her skin. A man, older, falls into step beside her silence and tells her about his job while she lets her teeth show. “Keep smiling,” he says, and she might have otherwise. She nudges the metal tip between her knuckles slightly and feels like she can sprout fangs.

Driving past, the cabdriver wishes he could wrap her in his metal cage and take her home whole. So pale she’s glowing at three a.m., so fragile next to that bull-of-a-man, so light she looks about to grow wings.

27 November 2006

I didn’t write this about Effy Stonem, obviously, but now it makes me think of her.

Sometimes, walking alone through narrow places at night, I feel invincible precisely because everyone looks at me like I’ll be a victim soon, and they have no idea.

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This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship


One of my non-official New Year’s resolutions is to talk to more strangers.  This article suggests connecting with at least one random a day, so lately I’ve been listening to my iPod a little less when walking around and trying to make eye contact.

Walking down the street today, I saw a grungy black-singleted boy approaching. Deciding this was my Hi of the Day, I steeled my resolve to be friendly in a non-obtrusive, totally spontaneous, utterly natural way. Just as we got close, I could see him looking at this sparrow, hopping along, trying to fly off with a bulky load.

We both kind of peered at it, and simultaneously realised the bird was eating a fat grey mouse, with its beak wrapped around its face. GAH! Stricken, I locked eyes with Bogan-Boy and exclaimed: “SICK!” He agreed.

Now that’s what I call sharing a moment.

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You are the generation who bought more shoes, and you get what you deserve


I bought these shoes on Sunday.  I am pretty sure if I ever need to kill aliens, this is the footwear I will choose for the occasion.

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My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing

good grief i need an alternative to MS Paint

good grief i need an alternative to MS Paint

I’ve realised the optimal way for girls to meet guys has got to be donating blood.  Why?

The guys:
– Are free of AIDS and Hepititis
– Are over 50 kg
– Are at least relatively straight*
– Are on display with their arms out in such a way that any wedding ring is easily discernable
– Are not in a position to get up and move away if you start talking to them
– Are either there because they want to hit on similarly minded  girls / because they have hit on a clever way to get time out of the office / or because they are Good Guys Who Care.

These are all good things!  Plus the blood donor people come to the top floor my office building, so they’re all presumably based conveniently nearby, and we could theoretically eat toffeepops and drink cocoa while we wait to recover, looking over the harbour.  Swooon.  Also, with all the blood drained out, I suppose I’m less likely to have  enough spare to blush, so less chance of cute-boy-enduced embarassment.


It’s also possible I have romanticised blood donoring due to one Henry Parker who, in season 3 of Dawson’s Creek, exchanged so much of his blood for money (they pay you over there!) to pay for a super date with Jen, that he spent the whole magic night being all pale and shakey and eventually fainted.

Double swoon.

  • personally I have issues with the whole no gays giving blood rule and everytime I read that clause in the pamphlet it’s like getting hit in the face with the 80s stick – but anyway, for the shallow, shallow purposes of this post I suppose it’s not the point.

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Move Over, Blair Waldorf?

Canary Yellow JacketBest Trademe Find of 09 to Date

So I am on the vintage hunt again, owing as much to the little bro who is obsessed with beige towelling tees as to Jane at Sea of Shoes (most enviable wardrobe on the Internet).  This jacket is my favourite purchase so far – it’s probably circa 1960s, actually a brighter canary yellow than you can see here, and completely spotless.  I’m throwing it over things for work, but really think it’s going to be the best preppy beachwear with my red & white  striped bikini.

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